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We decided to get the holidays over before we started decorating the house. We are trying to get this information over as clearly as possible. Definition and synonyms of get over from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of get over. View American English definition of get over. Change your default dictionary to American English. Show more. Show less. Using the thesaurus.

The latest in prison gear got a workout — body armor, shields, riot helmets, smoke bombs, gas masks.

Perched above the prison yard, five cameras tracked the play-acting prisoners, and artificial-intelligence software analyzed the images to recognize faces, gestures and patterns of group behavior. When two groups of inmates moved toward each other, the experimental computer system sent an alert — a text message — to a corrections officer that warned of a potential incident and gave the location. The computers cannot do anything more than officers who constantly watch surveillance monitors under ideal conditions.

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But in practice, officers are often distracted. When shifts change, an observation that is worth passing along may be forgotten. But machines do not blink or forget. They are tireless assistants. High-resolution, low-cost cameras are proliferating, found in products like smartphones and laptop computers. The cost of storing images is dropping, and new software algorithms for mining, matching and scrutinizing the flood of visual data are progressing swiftly.

A computer-vision system can watch a hospital room and remind doctors and nurses to wash their hands, or warn of restless patients who are in danger of falling out of bed.

Computer vision can also be used at shopping malls, schoolyards, subway platforms, office complexes and stadiums. All of which could be helpful — or alarming. Its Street View service, which lets Internet users zoom in from above on a particular location, faced privacy complaints.

Google has also introduced an application called Goggles, which allows people to take a picture with a smartphone and search the Internet for matching images. Despite such qualms, computer vision is moving into the mainstream.

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With this technological evolution, scientists predict, people will increasingly be surrounded by machines that can not only see but also reason about what they are seeing, in their own limited way. The future of law enforcement, national security and military operations will most likely rely on observant machines. Its goal is to develop machines that can recognize, analyze and communicate what they see.

Mounted on small robots or drones, these smart machines could replace human scouts. Millions of people now use products that show the progress that has been made in computer vision. In the last two years, the major online photo-sharing services — Picasa by Google, Windows Live Photo Gallery by Microsoft, Flickr by Yahoo and iPhoto by Apple — have all started using face recognition. A user puts a name to a face, and the service finds matches in other photographs. It is a popular tool for finding and organizing pictures.

It uses a digital camera and sensors to recognize people and gestures; it also understands voice commands.

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Players control the computer with waves of the hand, and then move to make their on-screen animated stand-ins — known as avatars — run, jump, swing and dance. Since Kinect was introduced in November, game reviewers have applauded , and sales are surging. To Microsoft, Kinect is not just a game, but a step toward the future of computing. A nurse walks into a hospital room while scanning a clipboard. She greets the patient and washes her hands. She checks and records his heart rate and blood pressure , adjusts the intravenous drip, turns him over to look for bed sores, then heads for the door but does not wash her hands again, as protocol requires.

Three small cameras, mounted inconspicuously on the ceiling, monitor movements in Room , in a special care unit a notch below intensive care where patients are treated for conditions like severe pneumonia , heart attacks and strokes.

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The first applications of the system, designed by scientists at General Electric , are immediate reminders and alerts. Doctors and nurses are supposed to wash their hands before and after touching a patient; lapses contribute significantly to hospital-acquired infections, research shows. The camera over the bed delivers images to software that is programmed to recognize movements that indicate when a patient is in danger of falling out of bed. The system would send an alert to a nearby nurse.

If the results at Bassett prove to be encouraging, more features can be added, like software that analyzes facial expressions for signs of severe pain, the onset of delirium or other hints of distress, said Kunter Akbay, a G. Hospitals have an incentive to adopt tools that improve patient safety.

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Medicare and Medicaid are adjusting reimbursement rates to penalize hospitals that do not work to prevent falls and pressure ulcers , and whose doctors and nurses do not wash their hands enough. A source confirmed to People on March 1, that the two were back on.

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The two kept their relationship unconfirmed and private during that time. They are dating, but not necessarily putting a label on it. Whether her romance with Bloom or someone else inspired the song, the lyrics of the new single poignantly capture how it feels to be in an on-off relationship cycle. Here, all the verses to take in, via Genius , plus the music video to enjoy below:. Type keyword s to search.

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